Residential Pressure Washing: Types Of Pressure Washer

Residential Pressure Washing is an excellent way to clean off dust and grime from your house exterior. It uses water force to take off the dirt. It does not include any chemical mixtures but only uses water, which means it is a safe way of cleaning the house exterior. There are different types of Residential Pressure Washing systems that feature different water strength. If you are planning to buy a pressure washing machine, it will help if you know the different types of Residential Pressure Washing so that it will be easier for you to decide which type you need.

First up, there is no such thing as the perfect pressure washer for your home; the kind of pressure washer you need will depend on the amount of dirt build-up on the house exterior. If you have never washed your house exterior before and your property is years old, you might want to go for a pressure washer that features the highest pressure power. With that said, let’s look into some of the common types of a pressure washer. First is the gas-powered machines.

The gas-powered machine is known to feature the highest pressure power making it an ideal choice for cleaning thick grime and dirt. It will be an excellent choice for cleaning concrete. However, to use this type of machine, you will need oil and fuel since it is gas-based. You will need to keep the oil and fuel ready if you are to use the gas-powered machines. Also, you want to be careful when you store this type of machine, do not keep them anywhere near other flammable items.

The electric power washer is another type of residential pressure washing type. This type of machine is portable and lightweight, but it features less power water pressure compared to the gas machine type. The best part about the electric pressure washer is that it does not produce fumes like that of a gas-powered pressure washer. However, it will not be the best choice for heavy-duty washing as it is not as powerful as the gas pressure washer.

It not only protects your house from the use of toxic elements but is also safer for the environment. Another advantage of utilizing the Residential Pressure Washing system is that it conserves water. Other benefits include saving money. When you hire a professional residential pressure washer to do the job, you’re saving spending additional money. When you do it yourself, you might need to purchase other additional tools to utilize the machine, but when you hire professionals, they will only charge for the package, so there’ll be no additional expenses.

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